Billable items

Charges to my clients are based on time and materials.  If something is used to complete the client’s requests and service call, then it’s probably billable. Some of the common things which are billable: On-site service, off-site service which can be at my office or other locations. Research on-site or off-site using email, the telephone, the internet, social media or other means. Interviews in person, over the telephone, the Internet or other ways. Time spent emailing, texting and on social media for fulfilling the service call.  Driving to stores for parts, client locations or anything else needed to complete the service call.  This also includes driving between multiple client locations.  Ordering parts over the telephone, Internet or other means.  There may be other billable things not included in this list.



Payment is expected immediately after service is rendered. Cash, checks, credit cards, cash app, Paypal, and Venmo are accepted forms of payment. New customers may be required to pay a two hour retainer by credit card, check or cash before work can begin.

Time                                   Labor Rate    Trip fee(one-way) #
Weekdays 8AM – 5PM      $75/hour      $75/hour
Weekdays 5PM – 8AM      $112/hour    $112/hour
Weekends                         $112/hour    $112/hour
Holidays *                          $150/hour    $150/hour

*New Years Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve.

#A one-way trip fee for on-site service is also added at the same labor rate. For example, if it takes me 15 minutes to drive to your location, the trip fee is $18.75 between 8AM and 5PM weekdays. On the weekend it would be $37.50.

A late fee of five percent(5%) of the outstanding balance will be charged on late payments.

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