Usually I have a few business cards in my wallet for leaving at businesses or for people who may want one.  The last few times I’ve looked in my wallet, I didn’t have any!  I was going to leave one at a restaurant when I was there with my brother – but couldn’t!   Today I searched my car and found a few in my business tote I keep in it.  I thought for sure there was a small packet of them rubber-banded together. 

My point of this article is to find out if businesses still pass out business cards.  I like to give one to new clients on my first visit on-site.  Sometimes, client want extra cards to  give out to people and businesses they know.  You can find my computer business on my web site and social media so do I need a physical business card any more?   Do you care about business cards?  Let us know.  I may not order any more business cards from now on.

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