Why I’m better than a drop-off computer place. Fort Wayne Computer Repair

I was on-site at a new client today who found my company doing a search for “computer repair in Fort Wayne.”  They had been to two computer repair places and still had problems with their Windows 10 computer.  It would start out fine after they powered it up, but as it was being used, it got slower and slower. They would restart it and it was fast again and then slow down.This cycle continued forever.

When I arrived I asked the user to sit next to me as I worked on the computer so they could explain the problems and answer my questions.  They were happy to work with someone who actually listened to them this time. I unearthed many processes running in startup and also programs which weren’t needed or used any longer.  These were  disabled or removed and this solved their problems.  I also helped them with their Edge and Chrome browsers.

The last place which worked on the computer charged a flat fee and spent little time on the computer in their store according to my client. They blamed my client’s problem on my client’s wireless router when their tablet is fine on the router.  Nothing was wrong with the router – it was the computer. The first computer place sold them a hard drive which didn’t solve anything.

When I’m on-site I have you test the computer so you are satisfied everything works instead of being handed the computer at the computer place and you have no idea if it’s better, worse or the same. The other advantage  is I may see your problem is your environment like electrical power or the internet connection.

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