This morning at Spiece Fitness it was Wednesday and I was working my back in the Sports Performance area. I said hello to one of the members who was at the power lift station. He’s usually there in the mornings during the week. Today he asks me for my business card to give to one of his customers. He and I have never discussed my computer consulting business so I didn’t know how he new what I did. He replied that he saw my computer repair banner by the stairs on the track at Spiece.  He works at a wireless phone company helping people with their smartphones and one of his customers needs computer help.  I hunted in my gym bag for too long and found one to give to him.  My cards need to be in the same place in my gym bag from now on so I don’t waste time when someone wants one.  And my advertising banner did it again!  I lost track how many clients it’s gotten me.  Are you advertising where you hang out?  

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