When I’m driving my car, sometimes I forget there is advertising on both sides of it letting people know I repair computers.  It’s a very simple design, permanently affixed to it. One of my clients who had a sign company installed it around 2007 for around $60.

The sign has gotten me business mostly when my car was parked at one of my former client’s parking lot.  One client who saw it spent about $1400 with me a few years ago and another spent $300. That’s not a bad investment for $60!

The funny thing about it is when I’m driving in a parking lot where people are located, I tend to drive slower so people can read the sign. If I can park on the end of a row of cars or facing the street, I will so more people can see the sign.

I’ll never forget the furniture store owner who was driving next to me on a Fort Wayne street and was waving franticly to get my attention. I rolled down my car window and he needed computer help, I followed to his store and proceeded to solve his problems all because of my sign. 

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