This morning at Spiece Fitness I was working my chest on the Pec Dec machine and saw a member I hadn’t seen for several months. His name escaped me, yet I knew it at one time. We began speaking and I apologized for forgetting his name. He told me what it was and then said, “I know your name because I see your computer advertising sign”, as he pointed up at it on the rail along the track. The advertising sign is one of the smartest marketing things I have done because it has my picture on it and has made me recognizable around Spiece Fitness.  It’s like a small town where members speak to each other. Most everyone will speak to you if you make an effort to be friendly except the “ear-phone” people who can’t hear you sometimes.  If my business head-shot wasn’t on the sign, I probably wouldn’t get the computer business I have from members. Spiece Fitness members know I provide computer services and will ask me to work on their laptops and tablets or come out to their businesses.  I also get asked computer and IT questions which is perfect for displaying my expertise to potential computer clients. If you are a member of an organization, club or frequent an entertainment venue, consider advertising there and use a picture of yourself.  It’s been gold for me.  I can’t remember why I put my picture on it, but it was probably a networker’s idea because that’s where I have learned about everything in business for the past 11 years!

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