One of my long-time Fort Wayne computer repair clients was in a panic when they called this afternoon.  “I’ve only got 1 or 2 days to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 for free and when I went to do it, a message said my video was not compatible and the upgrade couldn’t continue.”  I called back and I listened to their story and explained that I like Microsoft Windows 10, but I didn’t upgrade every Windows 7 computer I own to 10. I have Windows 10 on two computers I know of and they work well most of the time.  Microsoft Windows 7 is supposed to be supported with patches and updates until at least 2020 from the technical articles I have read.  As long as your computer hardware stays healthy, and you keep Windows 7 secure and maintained, it should be fine and run for years.  My client experienced the unpleasant side up operating system upgrades: when the operating system doesn’t recognize one of your hardware subsystems. My hunch is Windows 10 didn’t have a video driver for the video card or his monitor wasn’t compatible. I gave them one option of staying where they were with Windows 7 and have less problems or upgrading and having problems.  They chose to stay with Windows 7.  I know of a competitor of mine who told me that Windows 10 is constantly updating it’s programming code which could “break” your computer if it changes a driver for one of your subsystems like a printer or network card.


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