I attended the first New Haven Chamber networking group in 2005 and got many clients from it.   One of the businesses I assisted in 2006 called me just last month for help with their computers again. That’s over ten years between computer service calls.

So how did they remember me since I haven’t seen them since 2006?  Was it talking to other networkers who still stayed in contact with me?  Was it LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media?  My client said they tried getting one of my competitors to make an on-site service call and they would not.  Then my client remembered me and my house and business calls that I made and they simply called me.  

I’ve been out twice in a month to work on many different issues from printing to tutoring them on a new laptop. They are happy now to have an on-site computer service company that they’ve known since 2005. 

How do you find service providers for your company or personal needs?  

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