Being a one-person business can pull you in many directions as some of you know.  The smartphone is my mobile office and makes it easy to be anywhere and communicate with anyone. Phone calls, texts, emails and messages from social media sites all come in to my smartphone office. Of course, I can respond back to any of these communications instantly as well.SMBFW-gadgets

My smartphone is also one of my advertising and marketing tools. Not long ago,  I was talking to a client on how I promote myself, networking groups, and clients with my smartphone.  I encouraged them to take video and pictures of their bicycles in their bicycle business and post on twitter, Pinterest, and FaceBook.  This could be various stages of the builds and repairs of the bikes. This way their potential customers can see this company can help them with their bicycle need.  I take pictures and videos of equipment I am working on and post to social media to get the message out on what I am repairing,  I also post pictures of the people in networking group meetings. The other thing  I share my client’s web sites on LinkedIn, Google Plus and other Social Media sites. 

To share a picture on an Android smartphone, I open the Gallery app and select the picture. Next, click the sharing icon which is a partial triangle and then select where you want to share. The choices are FaceBook, LinkedIn,Twitter and the Social Media sites. Usually, it’s required to enter a caption for the share. And to complete the share you need to click the Share button.

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