I try to pass out my computer business card as often as possible and the bank(credit Union) is no different.  When I have checks to deposit and I’m in the drive-through a business card is included with my checks. The card helps the teller see my name, business name and services. Sometimes they keep my business card when they send back my receipt.  They might keep my card for themselves or they might throw it away –  I don’t know.  The good thing is another set of people  know a computer consultant is a bank member if they need help with their computer. 

I do the same thing when I go into the bank or credit union and deal with a teller face-to-face.  I show them a business card so they know my company name when they look up my account. I usually get my card back in this case.

I haven’t got any business from passing my business cards to bank employees so far, but I will keep doing it. It may take years, but eventually one of them may call me or pass my name to someone. 

The back of my business card

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