Last month I was driving in Fort Wayne and noticed the car in the next lane was driving erratically. I kept an eye on the car and noticed the driver was trying to get my attention and had rolled down his window. I rolled down my passenger window and started a conversation with him and he asked me if I worked on printers. I was surprised for a split second how he knew I was an IT person and then remembered my advertising on both sides of my car. It’s very simple and easy to read and doesn’t have my logo or any graphics, but it gets the job done.  A1-Sign, who was a computer repair client of mine back in 2007, did the vehicle advertising for around $60. The advertising got me a client while my car was sitting at Spiece Fitness two years ago. A member was driving by my car and saw it and  called me while I was exercising inside and I’ve assisted them with computer, networking and printer issues ever since. It also got me some clients while my car was parked a hardware store client of mine years ago.  A rough guess is it yielded me around $4000 in computer repair business which is a good return.  Do you use vehicle advertising?  Has it helped your business? If not, why not?  I could see if you have a sensitive business that your customers/clients wouldn’t want their neighbors to know they were using then you wouldn’t want vehicle advertising. In most cases I think most businesses would benefit from it.

Vehicle with advertising


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