A new client has a All-in-One PC which suddenly died on them last week. I picked it up and brought to my office to diagnose.  It didn’t show any signs of life after I disconnected everything possible like the Solid-state drive and RAM. The external Power Supply/AC adapter tested normal so I suspected the motherboard. 

I checked on-line for warranty status just to verify it was out of warranty as my client said.  The manufacturer’s site never mentioned warranty but said basic tech support had a year to go.  I was confused so I started a chat with tech support and couldn’t get far due to it being Sunday.  It gave me an email link to continue the chat on a business day.  I started the chat again and discovered they were going to replace the motherboard under warranty!  My client was glad I discovered this so they don’t have to buy a new computer.

A technician is being dispatched to replace the motherboard even though I could most likely do it myself.  The computer cover is already removed and I had everything removed from the motherboard!  We’ll see how it goes when the tech and new motherboard arrives tomorrow.  

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