Today at the New Haven Chamber Networking Group, I gave some advice to my audience. It applies to smartphones, laptops, computers and other computing devices. Go through your installed programs or apps and see what you don’t use any longer. If you installed it, then it’s fair game to remove it. In the case of uncertainty regarding what the program does, then leave it alone or research it.

As an example, I went through my android smartphone and found snapchat installed. It never gets used even though I have a Snapchat account. I removed it and I haven’t missed it in months. Perhaps next month or next year I’ll want to use it again on the smartphone. I’ll just open Google Playstore and install it! Easy!. Some apps you can’t remove since they came built into the operating system.

To remove an app on my Apple laptops I open the Applications folder under Favorites. Then you simultaneously right and left-click on the mouse and a menu pops up. If the app can be removed, a “Move to Trash” option appears about the 3rd line down. Just click on it and it’s gone. Otherwise you are probably stuck with the app because it’s built-in.

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