I was working on my wife’s Samsung Galaxy tablet today because it was dropping the WiFi connection. I checked the WiFi settings and told it not to search for open WiFi networks. This didn’t seem to solve it and I looked elsewhere.

The chrome browser settings were examined and I decided to clear everything to see if this is the problem. I opened Chrome and accessed Settings under the three vertical dots. Then I picked “Privacy” -“Clear browsing data” at the bottom. This didn’t help any so I thought about this some more.

Next, I thought something in memory could be corrupt and causing problems. One part of memory that may be emptied by the user is the cache.  This is done by opening Android settings- General – Storage. Tap “Cached data”  to open and tap “ok” to clear it. In our case we emptied over six GB out a total of 32 GB.  This seemed to help our problem and the internet was working better now.

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