My latest computer is a Lenovo Ideapad 3 laptop with Windows 11 Home installed.  It was purchased about a year ago so I could learn the operating system.  I also needed a fast Windows computer and my two old laptops are too slow for field work.  When I first got the laptop, I wanted to test Anti-virus and security programs to see what works in Windows 11.  This way I could recommend products to my computer clients.

Today I fired up the laptop and looked through the taskbar for anti-virus programs  To my surprise, I found Windows defender and four other products: Malwarebytes free, Avira Security, AVG Antivirus free and Avast.  I installed these months ago and am surprised they let each other install.  Windows Defender is still installed but not as the primary security.  It lets you do a scan but it doesn’t watch in real time.

My next move with these programs is to remove them one at a time until one is left. Then focus on learning that one and how it  works in Windows 11 and Windows Defender.  

What AV product do you use with Microsoft Windows 11? 



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