My computer repair business work is interesting since I work on many different operating systems and computers.  Some of the operating systems I service are Microsoft windows , Linux and Apple OS. 

This month I got to work on an Apple Desktop computer which was sluggish as reported by my client.  It was also displaying pop-up boxes encouraging the user to click and install various programs.  It’s not normal for an operating system like Windows or Apple OX to show these types of alerts: “Recommended download install Mac Ads Cleaner, now to protect your Mac device from malware, adware and other security threats.”  When I saw this, I knew it was infected.  We needed something on the computer to protect it from malware like these rogue programs.  My client is an Xfinity customer and this entitles them to download Norton Anti-virus for Mac. Once I did the Norton installation, update and scan, we found two or three viruses in 12 files. the rogue pop-ups stopped

From my experience, Apple computers don’t get viruses like Microsoft  Windows computers.  This is probably the first actual Mac/Apple infection I’ve seen besides Safari browser hijack infections.  I fight Windows malware like viruses probably once a week with somebody. 


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