I’ve been spending time last week at my own Apple OS X training event. I got two library books on Apple computers and read some of them. Using my MacBook Air laptop, I discovered how to access Apple desktops. This is where you can have more than one workspace on the single screen. The desktops are toggled in and out of the screen.  Some call them virtual desktops.  In Apple you hit the F3 key and Mission Control appears showing all open windows.  At the top the desktops are shown for you to select.  There may be another way to flip back and forth but I don’t know it yet.  

In the Linux Mint GUI, I flip between desktops at the bottom of the screen on the taskbar. This is very easy compared to Apple OS X.. In Microsoft Windows, it’s on the taskbar at the bottom.

 Do you use Apple desktops? 

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