One of my computer consulting clients gave me their old Apple iPad which still works. It’s almost 10 years-old which is ancient in computer years. I don’t have an iPad, just 2 Apple laptops so this may help me stay technologically active by learning how IOS works and trying different things on it. The IOS is a 9.3 vintage and won’t update to anything newer . This is the main problem since any app I try to download and install complains that it can’t be installed. Occasionally, it states the minimum IOS it needs which is 10.x, 11. or 12.x.

I’ve found a way to sort of trick it by using one of my Apple laptops and an Apple account. This method got Xfinity Stream app installed and to sort of run but when it tries to authenticate the account, it fails with a security message.

The app I really want to install is for streaming TV and movies, but this still fails even with the trick. I did get Microsoft Edge browser and the Onion web browser which is a plus.

The front and rear cameras both work and so does the Wifi. The one thing I can do with it is stream podcasts from my patriot news shows

I want to find a way to force an IOS update on the iPad or trick the apps to think the iPad is a more recent IOS as in 10 or 11. But until then I can use it for some web sites, podcasts, email and pictures/videos.

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