I get asked every once in a while if I work with Apple devices like desktop computers, laptops, ipads and iphones and the answer is yes. Monday, I was helping a client with email and printing issues on their Apple desktop computer. They also needed advise on connecting an external monitor to their thunderbolt port. I researched it for them and they are going to purchase a cable that should accomplish this for them.  Then Thursday, a client got a new Apple desktop and needed help with Google Gmail.  They needed contacts from their soon to be closed AOL account ported over to their new Gmail contact list. We opened google.com and AOL.com in the Safari web browser.  Within AOL, once they logged in, I found an export function in the contacts.  We exported their 180 contacts into a CSV(Comma Separated Values) file.  In Gmail, their contacts were opened and I found the import function under “More”.  Once we ran the import, the Gmail contacts went from 12 to 180. Some of the email addresses went into the notes field and not the email field, but I showed my client how easy it is to cut and paste them into the correct field. Apples aren’t too hard  for me to use, even though most of my service work is on Windows computers.  The reason I can work on them is I own two Apple computers and try to use them on a regular basis.

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