This week a networker had me make a computer repair service call to their office to troubleshoot a Dropbox problem.  The problem was on their Apple Macintosh desktop computer instead of the typical Microsoft Windows computer.  There were thousands of files to upload for one of their clients and the process was taking way too long. My client felt it was related to their internet connection and hardware.  I wanted to first check the Dropbox settings on the Macintosh first before I spent time on the hardware.  I opened Dropbox settings- Bandwidth and found a setting for upload rate which was set to “Limit Automatically”.  Once I changed it to “Don’t Limit”, the download speed increased quite a bit.  My client doesn’t know how it got changed and I don’t know either, but they’re happy the download finished in a reasonable amount of time.  When I got back to my office, I checked my Linux computers dropbox settings to find they were set to the correct one for the fasting downloads similar

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