I have an old Apple MacBook Pro laptop manufactured in 2010.  When I got it, the screen was cracked and it wouldn’t power on. Somehow, I got it running, added more RAM and installed a Solid State Hard Drive.  The screen is still cracked but you wouldn’t know it.  I love the laptop and use it daily for streaming live TV and other things. Being older, it has type B USB ports, an SD card slot, firewire, an ethernet port and a DVD player. 

To contrast this, I also have a newer Apple Mac Air which has no DVD player and the newer type C USBs.  I like having the DVD player on my laptops because I still have many DVDs.  The problem I have been having with the Pro laptop is the MacOS was too old for any program I wanted to install. It came with MacOS X 10.9.5. I tried researching how to trick programs to install but nothing worked.

This week I tried again to fix this problem by upgrading the MacOs.  On Apple’s support web site, I searched for the newest MacOS that this old laptop could handle.  It turned out to be Sierra 10.12.6.  It took two days to find the file and download it although it had  generic name and I didn’t know it was the file.  I ran it several times and it completed but didn’t install.  Somehow, I got it working and installed this morning!  I’ve been able to install Comodo Anti-virus, Brave Browser and Teamviewer that I could never do in the past.

My hope is I’ll be able to keep this old laptop running and install new software as it comes out instead of giving me error messages.  

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