My newest laptop is a MacBook Air and it’s becoming the most used in my laptop fleet.  A Dell Windows 10 laptop is also used mostly for my accounting program but the laptop isn’t as fast as the Apple.  It’s not the Dells fault – the Dell is 15 years old which is ancient in computer years. But the Dell is a solid business-class model and hasn’t died yet. 

What I want to do is run my Quickbooks accounting program on my Apple.  This would eliminate the need to drag the Dell into every service call.  The  lighter Apple could be used instead.  First, I need a Microsoft Windows OS running on the Apple and I’ve done this with a virtual machine called VirtualBox.  I’ve got Windows 98, Linux Mint server, and Windows 2000 all running on my Apple using VirtualBox.   

The next step would be installing QB in the virtual machine. This step is causing a big obstacle because the network or USB drive isn’t recognized on the Virtual Machine.  I’ve spent days on and off but nothings working yet.

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