My old Apple iBook laptop was having a problem on Wi-Fi networks last spring. It just wouldn’t connect to any of them. When I first got the laptop, it worked fine connecting to Wi-Fi networks. I didn’t know what had happened- was it hardware or the operating system?  This one is used infrequently compared to my other laptops.

I do like the Apple operating system, but I know it the least compared to Microsoft Windows and Linux computers. Again, it’s because I’m on Microsoft Windows computers most of the time with my clients. 

To start troubleshooting, I tried using the ethernet connection and failed to connect to my network as well. I ran software updates from the Apple button and nothing to update. For testing and security, Norton Antivirus for Macs was installed a few years ago. As a hunch, I removed it to see if it was the problem and it was the problem! The Wi-Fi and ethernet all work perfectly now. My past experience with Norton has taught me to suspect it for unexplainable computer problems.  It was probably an older version of Norton and I will look for a replacement soon. I was happy to see the laptop now works on Wi-Fi and ethernet.

Apple iBook laptop

Apple iBook laptop

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