A business client of mine recently bought themselves a new computer. Their old computer was having problems and they wanted a reliable and fast one. They failed to take an important precaution before they moved the hard drive to the new computer: they didn’t back-up the data on the hard drive. The hard drive holds all your personal data and programs and operating system files and folders. It’s very important to you and your computer. Backing up data can be done to USB thumb drives, external USB drives, the cloud and to another computer. When my client started the new Windows 10 computer, they panicked when the data on the previous hard drive couldn’t be read. They asked the person who sold them the computer to help and they failed to find the files. I was asked to rescue them and  I did find their data and and copied it to the proper locations like documents, videos, pictures, etc. I think the reason they couldn’t find the files was Windows 10 file explorer names things differently than Windows 7 and 8 did. It took me a few tries but I found the old hard drive (D: and E:) under “This PC” in File Explorer.  My client was relieved when I found their files and I think had a better night’s sleep that night! 

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