A New Haven client of mine had me help with their computer issue this month and while I was leaving I asked if was anything else?   They said, “I can’t watch TV – the remote stopped working.”  I commenced the interview and found out the television has no controls on its case anywhere so we couldn’t turn it on this way. The remote control was the only option and when it’s dead, no one watches TV.

The remote was examined and battery compartment had 2 corroded, leaking batteries. Unfortunately, they destroyed the metal electrodes connecting the two batteries together.

The remote was taken to my office and I searched for a similar electrode. After much searching, an old flashlight had one I trimmed down and cut down to fit. The plastic remote battery compartment had to be melted down so the electrode fit into it. Amazingly, the batteries fit in and the battery cover fit in with some pressure.

I took the remote back to my client and they could now control their TV!

Remember to take out the  batteries from your electronic devices to prevent this from occurring when you aren’t using them.


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