This Wednesday I wrote a blog on Tuesday’s networking meeting. Everything went well and I posted the article. It was shared on Linkedin and when I followed the link, it didn’t lead to my blog post. Instead it went to an existing page on my business web site about the networking group. 

On and off for the past few days I tried to correct the link. Every time I tried something, the link still went to the New Haven Chamber Networking Group page and not the blog post.  Tonight, I looked at a different area of my wordpress site like the title and permalink section. I realized the title of the blog happened to match the title of the Networking page exactly!  That’s why the blog pointed to the page and not my blog post. 

Once the title was changed by removing a word, a unique title existed and the link connected to the blog post!  As I write more and more blog posts, i need to pay attention to the titles and make them unique. 

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