A client picked up their laptop from me today along with an external data drive where I recovered their data. They handed me their business card when I wanted their email address.  Earlier they said they had a Facebook page and a web site.  The web site and Facebook was found and verified to exist and I wondered why the web site wasn’t on the business card.  Maybe they just got it up and running and the business cards are much older and they will print new ones.  

The other thing I noticed is their email address on the business car is a generic domain as in hotmail.  I see this often where  business has a generic email address before the web site and they continue to use it after they get a web site.  The web site has email available with your business domain name available.  It just has to be set up. I think it looks more professional than a gmail or yahoo account.  And you can usually have many email address under your web site.  In my case I have shane@gconsult.us, info@gconsult.us and admin@gconsult.us.  There about ten others as well for various uses.  I had a comcast email for my business before the web site and I stopped using it once my web site was active.  I keep and eye on it, but no new messages have arrived on it for 18 years. 

What are your thoughts? Do you have business email or a web site? Am I being too particular with email in this issue?

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