I like to promote my business any way I can and one of the tools I use is pretty old-fashioned. Whenever I’m at the Credit Union drive-through or inside at the counter, I put a business card in the drive-through canister with my checks or hand one to the teller. This helps identify me plus this lets them know my computer business services.

After my business is transacted, the card isn’t always returned to me and this makes me happy.  Maybe it got tossed in the trash or perhaps it’s on a bulletin board in the building. Maybe the teller kept for future needs.

A year ago, the Credit Union created a smartphone app for depositing checks. I started using it and it saved me time and I didn’t have to stop at the credit union to deposit checks.

The consequence of the smartphone app is losing contact with the Credit Union tellers. So once a month I still make a deposit in person so they’ll remember me and my computer business.

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