A couple of months ago at the New Haven Chamber Networking Group, we got on the topic of business cards. We noticed one of the attendees who owned their own business didn’t have their name on their business card. It was a nice business card with the business name prominently displayed, but no name of the person. My thought is that people want to know the person’s name behind the business and it should be on your business card.  The reasoning I heard behind leaving your name off the card is the business owner wants to focus attention on the business and not themselves. One reason I like to see people’s names on cards is it makes it easier for me to find them on LinkedIn and other Social Media sites.  Another reason is that it looks mysterious when you don’t let them know your name and it seems impersonal like a big, unfeeling corporation.   I have seen companies use a generic card for all employees of the business without any names of people listed.  More recently, I ran across another small business and was given a card by the owner and their name was missing and I asked them their name. I wonder how many others ask the owner their name?  People just want to know your name when you run a business! I sure do!

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