For six years on Tuesdays, a business networking group has been meeting at three different restaurants in New Haven, IN.  USA.  The New Haven(IN) Chamber of Commerce sponsors it and I run it.  You don’t have to be a New Haven Chamber member to join and we don’t charge you to attend.  Currently, we meet at 469 Sports and Spirits in their private room (the Fort Wayne Comedy Club room).  

I think it’s important to attend as many different business networking events in person as you can.  I try to make this group simple to attend and the meetings are quick and to the point.  Everyone has 1-2 minutes to say their commercial and then we move to the next person.  We have the room from noon to 1 PM and the formal meeting usually only goes 25 to 50 minutes.  Typically, people continue to speak with each other after the meeting for as long as they want and this is where the networking magic happens..

Check out some pictures from today.



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