One of my business interests is business networking and I have been attending networking group meetings since August 2005 on a weekly basis.  It’s helped my revenue and taught me some good lessons after listening to other networkers. My approach to business networking is “less is more” meaning the shorter meetings are better than the long ones.

Back in April 2016, I started running a business networking group for the New Haven, IN Chamber.  I’ve kept the meetings simple and easy to attend by cutting out a lot of the extras other groups have.   We don’t have featured speakers, door prizes or required attendance.  I don’t need an RSVP from everyone and we’re done in less than an hour – usually in 30-45 minutes.

Our first meeting of the year is Tuesday,  January 5, 2021 at 469 Sports and Spirits and you’re invited. More information is on my web site.  So whether you are new to our group or have bee here many times, come on out and share your business with us.

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