I used to run a business networking group for seven years and I know how important word of mouth advertising can be.  Even better is conversing and talking with possible clients in person.  One of our members of the group discussed how playing golf in a league has brought him business with the other players.   I was thinking how Catalyst Gym where I work and work-out is similar.  

After every weight training session at Catalyst Fitness, I spend 15 minutes in the sauna to help detoxify and stretch.  The Men’s sauna is in the Men’s locker room and can be a place where business and personal items gets discussed by members.   Sometimes we sit in silence and other times two or more will talk about family, the gym or sports. 

One day, one of my computer clients was in there and asking me about his computer.  There were others in the sauna with us and he told them how good I was working on computers. That was nice of him and it helps when potential clients hear this from others.  Some people wear earbuds or headphones and don’t converse with others in the sauna and I don’t try to talk to them.  Just like the golf course, you get to know people in the sauna after talking to them over time and it carrys on out in the gym also.

business networking happens at the gym

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