For the past five years I’ve been running an open business networking group on behalf of the New Haven, Indiana Chamber of Commerce.  Today I arrived at 469 Sports and Spirits at 1140am which is later than I like,  I try and be there by 1130 so I can greet new people and make sure the room is in good shape.  We have a great server, Amy, who takes excellent care of us and remembers our names and our food and drink tendencies. 

Three people were already there when I arrived and one was new to our group.  Monika counted and we had 19 people today with two new ones.  I always make an introduction about our guidelines for the meeting and this time I mentioned to please put your phone in silent mode.   One of the attendees,  Doug Thurber, called my phone to see if I followed my own rules and fortunately  it was in silent mode so I wasn’t embarrassed.  We have fun at our meetings.

Join us Tuesdays and see what happens!

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