It was a pleasant surprise today at the New Haven Chamber networking group. There were 20 people there today including myself which happens to be a post-lockdown record. From what I can remember we had three new networkers. One of them I know from the original New Haven Chamber Group in 2005! The other one has an insurance business in New Haven and the other works with a property management firm in Fort Wayne.

Three others we haven’t seen for months also attended and it was great to see them – Bill, Jonathan, and Michael. We had our core of regulars like Michelle, Monika, Dan, Mickey, Steve and others.

As a bonus, I remembered to take pictures and I took some before the formal meeting began so everyone was seated. Some were also taken afterwards showing people still networking after the meeting.

We make our group meeting easy to attend: no cost, eat lunch if you choose, no membership requirements in the chamber and no attendance requirements.

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