Since April of 2016 I have facilitated a business networking group for the local chamber of commerce. We meet weekly to share our products and services with each other.  Up until March 2020 we had our tables arranged in a row touching each other.  Later we made a big horseshoe to hold the 20+ people we had attending. 

Once the Covid mess started in March 2020 our host restaurant closed and we stopped our meetings.  A few months later the restaurant opened and we started meeting again.  When we started up again, the tables had to be spread out to be in compliance with the government guidelines.  It’s been two years now and we’ve never moved the tables back together for our meetings. I suppose I didn’t want to upset anyone who was afraid of Covid and that’s why I never moved them together.  Steve, one of our members, mentioned last week that we should go back to the joined tables again. He said, “We should move the tables closer together.  I’ll help move them if you need help.”

I thinks it’s a good idea and I we’ll try it next week.   

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