One of my Fort Wayne computer repair clients has an audio entertainment system for playing news and music for their business lobby. When they play audio CDs, they skip and sometimes stop completely.  My client assumed they needed a new audio entertainment system so I volunteered to evaluate it.. I started troubleshooting with my DVD/CD drive cleaner by cleaning the DVD/CD player.  We inserted an audio CD in the drive and it seemed better, but eventually the song began skipping as it did earlier.  The data side of one CD was examined with surprising results: the CD data side was very scratched!  More CDs were examined and one in great condition without scratches was found and then played. It never skipped or stopped. The CDs were left laying around on a table not in their cases and this is what caused all the scratches on them.  The problem was the scratched CD’s and NOT the audio system!   Take care of your CDs and keep scratches to a minimum by keeping them in a sleeve or case when you’re not using them.

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