A recent computer service call involved a Windows 7 computer which wouldn’t play audio DVDs. The owner of the computer would insert the training CDs in the DVD player and a Power DVD program would pop-up with a message. The message said the Power DVD program couldn’t play the DVD. I wanted to set the default program for playing audio CDs and DVDs to the built-in Windows program, Media player. I tried changing the default program which opens audio DVDs by opening the audio DVD in Windows Explorer. Then right-clicking on the audio file and selecting “open with” from the menu. Then I changed it to Windows Media Player by clicking on it.

For some reason, this didn’t take and when an audio disc was inserted, Power DVD started again! Next I tried a different approach by opening Control Panel-Programs- Default Programs. Then “Set Default Programs” was selected and I selected the file type for the CD file. This worked and now when an audio disc is inserted, it starts automatically playing with Windows Media Player.


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