One of my clients has a landline phone that uses cellular service through ATT.   It uses a base station unit which we connected to the building’s telephone wiring system through the RJ-11 wall jacks.  This allows all the phones attached to the RJ-11 boxes to connect to the base station and make calls.  It works most of the time but occasionally it would need reset to connect to the cell tower.  

Friday, it stopped working again and I went through the usual reset routine to get it back on-line.  I turned off the power switch to the base station, removed the base station battery,  and unplugged the AC adapter.   Unfortunately, this failed to get it working.  I performed this two more times and even activated the reset button with a paperclip.  As a last resort, I left it unplugged for a day but this failed to restore it.

The cellular service LED is red meaning no service

The next day I realized it may not be the base station – it may be a signal problem.  The base station has never been moved throughout it’s history so maybe something changed with the cellular tower(s) location or power output.  The base station was moved outside the building and guess what?  It started working as normal!  Now I know it was a Cellular tower issue and the base station is fine.  We moved it to another place in the building on the second floor with a RJ-11 jack and the phone system has been working since. 

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