Of all the cloud storage platforms out there, I use Dropbox the most. It’s easy to use and reliable.  Secondarily, I use Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive as well.  All these cloud storage platforms have free versions which offer 10-15GB to you. And of course all offer paid versions  which give you oodles of storage. With cloud storage, you are using someone’s computer on the internet to hold your computer files. I would be cautious and not save super-sensitive files in the cloud and always make a local duplicate of everything you have in the cloud just in case they lose it.

Dropbox is installed on many of my computing devices such as an Apple laptop, Linux workstations, Windows 10 laptop, and Android smartphones. I’ve used it for many years and it even works on a Windows 7 virtual machine on a Linux laptop.  You can also access your files from the web in case you don’t want to install it on a device.

One time, I was trying to get a file from my Windows 10 laptop to a Linux computer. I saved the file to my Windows 10 dropbox folder and expected to find it on the Linux computer, but it never appeared. After a while I realized Dropbox wasn’t actually running actively on the Windows 10 laptop. Once I stated it, the files synced to the cloud and the file showed up on the Linux workstation.

What cloud storage do you use? Or are you unsure how to use it? Or perhaps you’re afraid of your privacy with your files in the cloud. If you need help, just ask.

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