My internet provider, Comcast or Xfinity, has a nice, on-line streaming service. It allows me as a subscriber to watch live television, watch my recorded TV shows and watch popular shows on a computer.  It works wonderfully on Microsoft Windows devices, but for Linux users like myself, it doesn’t work.  I’ve tried different web browsers like Opera, Chrome and Firefox, but none of them work. When I try and open Comcast in a web browser, I get the message I’ve included in the accompanying photo saying you need windows or Mac to view.. Comcast – Please allow us Linux users to see our shows on-line. Not everyone uses Windows.

This one hitch is preventing me from using Linux on a full-time basis on at least one of my computers. I have researched this problem and I’m not the only disgruntled Comcast customer.  I think I did see an article on tricking your web browser into thinking it’s something different so the web page will display properly.  I think it has something to do with Adobe Flashplayer which gives me problems in Linux.

It’s not all bad news for Comcast Users with Linux: I can read my Comcast email in Linux and get my voice mail as well.  If you’re a Linux user and can watch your Comcast TV on it, let me know how you did it. But Comcast – [lease stop blocking Linux on your Streaming TV service.

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