I use Comodo Internet security suite on my computer clients’ computers as well as my own. Comodo has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.  It seems to do a great job, but can be challenging to configure sometimes. It has many great parts and options to protect your computer and if one misses something, the other parts usually catch it.

A few weeks ago I noticed a similar product showing up on my clients’ and my computers: Comodo Internet Security Solutions. I never consciously installed it, but I found it on three or four computers recently.  My research shows it may be a rogue, fake security program or a bad product from Comodo. The computers that had it installed seemed slower to me and had problems I couldn’t explain. On Comodo’s web site, they mention it, but there is no way to download it as their other products.  This confuses me and for the time-being, I am removing Comodo Internet Security Essentials.  Have you experienced it? 

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