A call from a business client was received recently who wasn’t happy with the security product I installed. It wouldn’t allow them to get any work done on their Microsoft Windows 10 computer. “This is driving me nuts”, they said. “Can you fix this?”

An on-site service call was made and I could see what was driving my client nuts: Comodo Internet Security was popping up with a warning about every two minutes and dinging, as well.  The process which was causing the constant warning was flagged safe by Comodo and run virtually so it didn’t harm the computer. The running process was c:\windows\system32\Conhost.exe. I scanned with Comodo and Windows defender and all files were clean but I knew something was up.

I checked the Comodo logs under “containment events” and every minute it was stopping this process.  Something was trying to execute and install itself and Comodo blocked it. I searched programs in Control Panel and found Driver Support installed today! This is a malicious program so I removed it.  After removal, the Comodo alerts stopped. Comodo was blocking driver support from running.

Comodo has a ton of settings, logs, tools and modules which can make it difficult to troubleshoot.  Once it’s set up and tweaked for your software, it does a wonderful job protecting your windows computer. My client now understands this and I hope will heed comodo’s warnings.

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