A new Fort Wayne Computer client was having problems with their Windows 7 desktop computer and called me yesterday. Sometimes it wouldn’t start properly when the power button was engaged and other times it would. Occasionally, when start and other times a high-pitched squeal would emanate from the computer when the power button was pressed and Windows 7 wouldn’t boot.  Another problem is that sometimes freezes while in use.  I first tested the power supply and found it was ok. During the power supply test, a loose hard drive connector was found and replaced.  The RAM sticks were removed and re-seated onto the motherboard RAM slots.  I tested the RAM and hard drive with my diagnostic software and both passed. The power settings were checked and not active.  The computer is being left on overnight to see if it stays on and runs or freezes.  I hope the hard drive power connector was the problem or the RAM working our of their slots.  

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