One of my Fort Wayne computer repair clients called me in a panic recently when they were adjusting their computer monitor on their desk. They accidentally touched one of the five monitor push-buttons along the front. The computer monitor went blank and for two hours they tried to get the signal back on their computer.  I had them ensure the monitor cables were secured to the monitor and computer and they were. I arrived a few hours later and listened to them explain they followed the notes they took last time this happened. I looked over the buttons and tried a few of them and the one that worked had an icon like a monitor and I called it the mode-select button. You have to hold it in and let it toggle through the different video modes like HDMI, DVI and VGA. I let it rest on VGA and the computer signal came on the monitor an my client was elated. This time I put a sticker on the mode-select button so my client will know which one one to use in case this happens again.

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