The computer monitor is sometimes the forgotten member of the computer hardware team.  I had a Fort Wayne computer repair service call to a business where a new monitor suddenly stopped working after a few weeks.   This monitor was a Westinghouse brand – one I had never heard of.  I’ve heard of Westinghouse home appliances, but never computer monitors. My client had swapped out the new computer monitor with his old one so I knew the computer’s video was ok since the monitor had a signal.  I put back the new monitor and got it powered on after some difficulty finding the power button. 

The problem was the location of the power button – my client thought the decal was the power button when it was really on the bottom right edge in the back of the monitor.  Adding to the confusion was the power light which was on the opposite side of monitor on the far left side and hard to see. Once I showed my client where the power button was located, they knew how to power it back on when it shuts down again. 

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