It seems I’m always too busy or tired to repair my own computers. Solving my clients problems, doing my bookkeeping, marketing, and computer training seem to interfere. One of my computers has been challenging to use lately and it’s becoming unreliable.

I have this Windows 10 computer which is used for watching videos and testing Windows 10 components and features.  Once it’s started, it may stay on 20 to 60 minutes and then a blue screen appears saying something has gone wrong and it lists a windows process it was running. Many times I have tried snapping a smartphone picture of the error message and I’m usually too late. I have been troubleshooting this for a year now. Sometimes it fails to even start Windows and it goes into Windows Recovery mode.

I tested the RAM with the Windows memory test and it passed. I’ve removed the virus protection and other programs and haven’t made any progress. I can’t recall if I tested the hard drive for errors but I don’t believe I did, yet. It does it in Firefox web browser, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Another thing I can try is start Windows and no other programs and see if it reboots at the Windows desktop. My hunch is the RAM is defective even though it passed the windows test. The next step will be to  test the hard drive so I know it’s ok.


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