Recently, I saw a social media post from someone who asked for computer help but didn’t want to pay for it. I ignored it since I can’t give away free services just like you probably don’t work for free, either. I give away enough free advice that I can’t do it all the time. Successive posts indicated the user had major problems and contacted technical support for their operating system for assistance.

They contacted me at one point in the ordeal and we talked about the issue, but I don’t remember what we discussed.  If they had contacted at the beginning, I most likely could have backed up their data before I started the repair and saved them a day of agony.  

That reminds me of when I tried working on my vehicle brakes when I was younger.  I made the whole thing worse and had to hire a mechanic to repair it. Sometimes, you just need to get professional help before you make it worse and lose your valuable data.




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