I was on-site at a new client this week who found my company doing a search for “computer repair in Fort Wayne.” Their Windows 10 computer would start out fine after they powered it up, but as it was being used, it got slower and slower. They would restart and it was fast again and then slow down over time. They dropped the computer off at two different computer repair stores and still had problems with the computer when they returned home with it. One company told my client his internet router was his problem without even seeing it. The second computer company added a new hard drive which solved nothing. The computer was still slow and my client had paid two computer repair companies without solving their problem.

When I arrived on-site I asked the user to sit next to me as I worked on the computer so they could explain the problems and discuss it with me. I confirmed that their tablet was working fine on their internet router so I could eliminate it as the problem. My client was happy to have someone finally listen to them and show them what I was doing to repair Windows. I unearthed many processes running in Windows startup and also programs which weren’t needed or used any longer. We had discussions on the programs I was removing so my client helped in the decision to remove them. Once I disabled and removed them the computer was fast again. We also worked on their Edge and Chrome browsers.

An important thing I do with all my visits is to have my CLIENT test and try out their programs and web browsers and make sure they are happy. When my competitors hand you back your computer at their location, how do you know if it’s better, worse or the same as when it was dropped off?  Unless they let you test it at their place you won’t know.

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