In my computer business, I try and answer my phone days, nights and weekends. I got a phone call on Thanksgiving from a desperate computer owner. Their recently purchased a liquid-cooled gaming computer went dead while they were using it. A day earlier, it stopped during use, but they got it going and it stayed on for a day. Now it was dead for good and they wanted help. I gave them some ideas to try and they had done some of them and others they would try later. Before we hung up, they said they were surprised I answered my phone on a holiday.

A few days late I texted them to see how the computer was doing. They were very grateful I cared enough to check on them. They had me come out on a service call the next day.

When I arrived they told me that I was the only computer company which tried to help them over the phone. Three of my competitors wouldn’t discuss my new client’s issue – they just said, “bring it in!” it’s nice to know people appreciate my caring attitude and some of my competitors don’t make on-site service calls.

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