I use several devices in my computer business and personal life. I have smartphones, some Linux computers, Windows computers and Mac laptops.   My information for clients is in my Google contacts and can be accessed on all my devices either in an application or a web page.  

Today I was trying to update a new clients email address on one of windows 10 computers through Google.  The contact was missing completely.  I go to my Android smartphone and the contact is there!  Immediately, a synchronization problem seemed likely so both the computer and the smartphone are synced.  This doesn’t help and I move to find the problem.   

A year ago  I had an issue just like this and I even wrote an article about it. I read it to make sure I was doing the right procedure.  On Android smartphones there are different classifications of Contacts. The main one I use is Google, but there is one called Samsung and one called Phone.  Last time this happened, I found out I put new contacts entered from my smartphone in as Phone. They should be Google and that’s why this is happening now.  I remembered how I fixed it last time but the procedure doesn’t work any more because the menu I used before is missing the “move” entry. I searched on the internet and found some worthless articles and finally found one which helped. 

Now to move a Phone contact to Google this is done from a different menu and you don’t do it one at a time as before. I moved the 50 contacts to my Google account all at once and they can be read on all my devices now.  

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